MARKETING CANVAS 2.0 - What is it? Why do you need it? How do you use it?

The Marketing Canvas 2.0 is an innovative way of approaching your marketing strategy, created to help you and your company become more agile, an invaluable asset in today’s fast-moving market. The Canvas is a result of a combination that hasn’t been explored too much in the past, the combination of two highly related fields – Design Thinking and Marketing. As McKinsey shows us, companies that follow Design Thinking practices see a third higher revenues and 56 percent higher returns than those that don’t.

A little bit of context

Things are moving fast and the old ways of doing marketing are not efficient any longer. One of the biggest factors that influence the marketing strategies across today’s companies is uncertainty and one thing is for sure – Uncertainty is here to stay. So how do you deal with uncertainty?  

You make it part of the process. 

We’ll talk about it in a second.

The Design Thinking in Marketing Program

Learn how to use and apply the Marketing Canvas 2.0 to innovate your Marketing Strategy.

Another thing that is changing massively is the customer’s behavior Today’s customer is highly educated, informed and, of course, picky. Even though we as humans have the same needs – the need for belonging, the need for security, social needs, etc it’s important for us marketers to be more aware of the impact our actions have in today’s society. This is where empathy comes in – the first and probably the most essential step in the Design Thinking Process.

It’s time to be more Customer-Centric and build our Marketing Strategies keeping in mind that we are communicating with humans and our main duty is to exchange value through our actions.

So what exactly is the Marketing Canvas 2.0?

The Marketing Canvas 2.0 is the result of the influence Design Thinking has on Marketing strategy.  It’s built by the principles that stand behind the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Agile, and Sprint Methodologies.

One important aspect is that the Marketing Strategy is not only for Marketers but for the whole organization to understand and collaborate (multi-disciplinarity!) on building the strategy and aligning it to the company’s goals and values.

You can find out more about the Marketing Strategy in the video below, which is a recording of our first Live Webinar held on the topic. Adina, our friend, did a great job of explaining it. 

The Marketing Canvas is divided into three big sections:

1. Market Positioning

In the Market Positioning section, we focus on two aspects:

🚀 We need to look at the positioning from a context-setting point of view (often you are too close to your product to realize that the market doesn’t think about it the way you do)

🚀 Define your positioning based on the relationship between your product and the context through which they are viewed by the outside world. Stop obsessing over competition and start thinking in ”alternatives” (what your customers are actually using  –> this is your real competition).

Make your market category work for you instead of against you (every campaign we launch and every piece of content we create use positioning as a foundation).

market positioning section in Marketing Canvas 2.0

2. Brand Identity

The Brand Identity section focuses on the identity of the brand and the Value Proposition:

🚀 Define your business vision, mission, and values in a way that not only connects your team towards a common goal but also helps you build an identity for your brand, making you stand out and better connect with your audience

🚀 ”Translate” features into benefits and then into values, all using a ”language” that speaks directly to your audience (people are not interested in your product’s features, but in the value, they will get by buying from you instead of your competitors)

Brand Identity section in the Marketing Canvas 2.0

3. Customer Journey

This section helps you understand everything you need to know about your customers:

🚀 Customer – Understand both what your Customer Segments and Customer Persona are, learn exactly HOW and WHY they are using your product, learn their objectives using  JBTD (Jobs To Be Done) and start communicating in a way that’s more relevant to them. 

🚀 Experience – Understand your customer’s experience with your product, across their entire journey.

Customer Journey section in Marketing Canvas 2.0

If you are interested in learning more about The Marketing Canvas 2.0 and about Design Thinking in Marketing in general, we are launching The Design Thinking in Marketing Program, a series of 3 Webinars and 1 Online Workshop where our friend Adina Timar is going to teach you how to fill the canvas and how to use it in a real business scenario.

What else will you learn?

👉 How to become an agile marketer

👉 How to adopt a customer centric mindset 

👉 How to build and use the Marketing Canvas using the 7 E’s of the Marketing mix and Design Thinking

👉 How Sprint planning can help in building a Marketing Strategy

👉 How to prioritize ideas so your marketing is more effective and efficient

The Design Thinking in Marketing Program

Learn how to use and apply the Marketing Canvas 2.0 to innovate your Marketing Strategy.

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