What are your innovation needs?

We are here to help you discover solutions for your future business challenges.

Do you find yourself in one of these situations?

Uncertain about the next steps to take in order for your organization to stay competitive in a fast-changing market?

Worried that you focus too much on products and features instead of creating value for customers and business?

Amazed by how much money was wasted when that new great idea turned out to be a failure because it was not tested?

Really disappointed by the poor outcomes and process that you follow when looking for new ideas to solve problems?

We have solutions for your challenges

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You do not yet know what the best directions of growth are for your organization.

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You do not yet have evidence that customers actually care about your offer.

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You do not yet have evidence that your product will have traction on the market.

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Training Design

You want to empower a mindset and culture of innovation in your organization.

Creating something new means dealing with uncertainty and risk. As passionate problem solvers, we help you minimize the risk in your opportunities by getting answers to your biggest future business challenges, fast and affordable.

Innovation Risk Matrix and it's steps: Research, Development and Execution.

Our method of innovation in three stages

Context design

Concept design

Business design

Context Design, one of the stages in the innovation method of Innovating Society.
Concept Design, one of the stages in the innovation method of Innovating Society.
Business Design, one of the stages in the innovation method of Innovating Society.

We work by using the process developed by our Dutch partners, studio.why, called „Dutch Design Deltas”, which act as a guide for going through the essential steps of Design Thinking and Lean Startup. The methodology is based on the intuitive workflow process of a designer. Teams are led through iterative loops which take the participants through the three main levels of a startup. 

The Dutch Design Deltas offer an even balance between creative and analytical methods. More information can be found here: Design Methodology: Design Deltas


A few of the clients we had the privilege to work with…

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