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We are one of the newest innovation agencies established in Cluj-Napoca (RO), formed by people that got their education and experience in the Netherlands, who decided to come back to their home country to collaborate and share knowledge about innovation and entrepreneurship.


Tudor, the CEO and facilitator at Innovating Society.


Founder, workshop facilitator and trainer, certified in Design Thinking and Lean Startup. He is passionate about trends, innovation and culture.

Alexandra, the Design Strategist at Innovating Society.


Product, UX designer, facilitator and researcher. She is passionate about education, human-computer interaction and branding strategy.

Calin, the Marketing Specialist at Innovating Society.


Marketing specialist, copywriter, and growth hacker. He is passionate about business innovation, literature, arts and communication.


Our motivation comes from our passion for business and design and from the huge need companies have to stay competitive. We have helped large and small companies innovate products, services and processes. We experienced what improvements can a company have when people are engaged and know to collaborate efficiently and creatively. We see opportunities where others see problems and want to inspire others to do the same.


Our mission is to make innovation more accessible to companies that do not have the resources of Google and create a more competitive market. We encourage entrepreneurship and seeing things from different perspectives. Our results are measured on the level of added-value that we bring to the end-users, the business and the society. We get our energy from the client’s satisfaction after solving together a difficult challenge.


We use the latest methods in business and design to solve complex problems and help our clients reach their goals. We use the principles of Design Thinking for coming up with innovative solutions that address human needs, the Lean Startup principles for testing the business concepts on the market in fast experimentation cycles, and the Lean principles to measure our progress and work efficiently in teams. Read more about our method here.


Our goal is to create the new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators, because we believe they have the power to bring a positive change in the world. We dedicate our time and resources into organizing events and trainings to help people with the knowledge and inspiration to find the right problems, come up with solutions, build a business and make impact. Check out our following events here.


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We say what we do and do not make promises that we cannot deliver.

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We approach things with an open mind and challenge the status-quo.

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We use tested and proven methods and tools from business and design.

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We love what we do and are committed to be fully involved in any project.

Let's discuss to see how we can help you reach your goals.