What Makes A Good Website in 2023

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Great websites make people think less. They complete this by ensuring they recognize and satisfactorily address the needs of their users. In addition to having a modern, well-designed website, you need to consider your target audience and how they will use it. Also, check to see if your website is mobile-friendly and if you identify your products and services.


But remember that every website is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all when building it. That much is true. What works for your website may not work for others and vice versa. However, planning to improve your website design is simpler than you would imagine. This article will share some tips for making a good website. 

Clear Objectives

When creating your website, it is crucial that you fully comprehend what the site will accomplish. For instance, if you’re building a website to sell your products, you should weigh every choice against whether it will encourage customers to buy your goods. If you want to succeed, you should never forget your website’s or web application’s primary goal.

Defined Target Audience

Identifying your site’s target audience is also essential for creating a successful website. You may design your website to appeal to the types of people who will visit it, read your blog entries, buy your products, or browse your work.


Researching your industry is the best way to develop this audience, especially if you’re starting. You can check for websites like yours, conduct a survey, and learn more about your website, your competitors, and the perceptions of the people closest to you. With the acquired information, you can modify your material to meet your current audience’s demands or draw in a new one.

Simple Navigation

Your website must be simple to navigate, using the main menu or links on your landing pages. The placement of some links will depend on what your users will be searching for, and ideally, you should only have 6–10 links on the top menu. Utilizing your site’s footer is a simple method for placing many links in one spot. If you visit Amazon’s website, you’ll notice that they offer a variety of links to facilitate user navigation. The footer is a fantastic area to provide extra points of interest that would otherwise not fit within your navigation, despite top menu links being more popular.

Clear Messaging and Call-to-Actions

Your brand will be consistent and easily recognizable if you use clear messaging throughout your website. For instance, it only generates consistency if you alternate between a lighthearted, funny tone and a more somber one on the same web page, making it challenging to follow. Additionally, CTAs with short, concise writing are more likely to be clicked than lengthy text. No more than two to three words as a call to action button. Overall, you want your users to be able to comprehend and use your website with ease.

Fast Loading Pages

Your website’s pages should load quickly, ideally in less than three seconds. It is significant because 40% of customers will only stay on a website for three seconds before leaving. To achieve this, you can reduce the size of your images, cut down on the number of scripts on a page, reduce the number of animations, ensure that your WordPress theme loads quickly, and activate the caching plugin. 


Look at Google’s page speed insights to learn more about how quickly your website loads. You may view a breakdown of the factors slowing down your website there, along with possible solutions.

Designed for Desktop Computers, Tablets, and Phones

An aspect of a well-made website is one that is optimized for any device, also referred to as a mobile-friendly design. Have you ever used your phone to access a website and struggled to click a link because it was too small? Or was forced to examine images by repeatedly zooming in? It is an example of a website that is not mobile-friendly. Mobile devices account for 50% of website traffic for most enterprises. For a pleasant user experience, you should ensure your website is optimized for phones, tablets, and other devices. Additionally, Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor for websites.


You’ve probably heard of SEO if you’re launching a website in 2022. SEO refers to improving your website to raise its position in search results. With SEO, your company can compete with its rivals, increase its online visibility, and spend less on paid advertising. With more than 200 ranking factors, SEO might be a complex undertaking, but it is doable with the correct tools.

Use Only High-quality Pictures

Your website will only look excellent if your photographs are incredible. If you can, stay away from stock photographs. Include pictures of your employees or ideal clients—or, better yet, both! It adds a more personal touch to your website and gives people the impression that they are familiar with you and what you stand for.


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Brand Consistency and Design

Similar to having clear messaging, having consistency throughout your website gives your business a fluid representation. Use the same typefaces, hues, and design components throughout your website as you would for print products to clarify. There should be at most two or three typefaces: one for headings, one for the body of the text, and, if preferred, one for the subheadings. People can easily recognize your company online and offline if your branding and design are consistent.


A good website design boosts readability and exhibits relevancy overall. Your site must be contemporary to have a successful website in 2022. It should be mobile-friendly, simple to use, and able to compete with your competitors. You do not need to update the appearance to match the most recent trends continuously. Also, ensure to qualify for SEO to raise your search engine ranking. 


Lastly, a good website helps protect data and prevent cybersecurity threats, ultimately fostering trust among your users. With that said, consider enrolling your business’ devices to a mobile device management system to  secure, monitor, and manage all the information on these devices. 


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