The Go-To-Market Strategy Designed For Startups


Start-UP Growth Strategy Applied Masterclass


Online Masterclass & Workshop


• 22 May, 2020

• 5 June, 2020

• 19 June, 2020


2 Weeks (4 Sessions, Friday and Saturday mornings)


3 Hours Per Session





Do you already have a great product or just an idea of a product that would bring huge value for people who use it?

That’s a good start, but the road to a successful startup involves having both a great product that people need and a clear go-to-market strategy.

If you’re missing the strategy and need help aligning your product with customer’s needs, this Masterclass will help you get there.

Course Outcomes

This course is designed for startup founders that want to get the „behind the scenes” and though process that stands behind a successful go-to-market strategy for their innovative product or service.

After attending the Start-UP Growth Strategy Applied Masterclass, you will get a clear understanding of each step involved in developing  your strategy.

During the sessions we will be working on a case study provided by us, that will help you learn the process so you can apply it on your own business case.

What you’ll need

A laptop with camera and microphone, internet connection, coffee

Course Level – Intermediate

You will need to be familiar with basic marketing terms and have good understanding of today’s market landscape.

Are You Experiencing These Challenges As A Start-Up?

Lack of clarity of what are the next steps to take?

Uncertain about how to spend the marketing budget?

Not sure whether your product has the right features?

Difficulty in setting up a medium-term growth strategy?

Not sure which marketing channels you should start with?

Afraid that money will be spent on the wrong things?

This Masterclass Will Help You To

As a founder
of a tech start-up


• prove that you deserve to get funding rather than your competitors

• prove that you have a clear understanding of your place in the market

• prove that you know why your customers are willing to spend money on your product

• prove that you understand who your customers are and what they need

•prove that you have a solid strategy and know how to spend money on marketing

As a future entrepreneur


• have an overall view of the possibilities on how to get your first customer

• have a clear understanding of where and when to communicate with your customers

• have a clear view of who your customers are and what they are willing to pay for

• have a clear view of the features that should be included in your offering

• have a clear view of how you can stand out from the crowd and make customers remember you


As a product
marketer / manager


• know how to create a solid unique value proposition for your product

• know how to gain a better understanding of your customer

• know how to select the best marketing channels for your audience

• know how to create a powerful story around your offering

• know how to create marketing budgets that get the most out of your ads

What You’ll Learn

When developing a healthy brand, you must start with “the big WHY”- the purpose of your existence. Building on this foundation, you will learn how to articulate what you do and how you do it, in a way that customers understand the value you provide to them and stand out from a crowded market of competitors.  Building on top of this we will articulate your brand voice and personality so you can communicate with your audience in a consistent way and become difficult to replicate.


📚 Theory masterclass (30%)

📚 Group practice during class (60%)

📚 Individual exercises during class (10%)

📚 Individual homework at home

📚 One-on-one homework review


📝 Finding your why

📝 Finding your how

📝 Finding your what

📝 Brand mission and vision

📝 Brand voice & personality


Once we define the brand, we will focus our attention towards positioning our product in a context that makes sense for the right audience. You will learn the importance of shifting your mindset from the old 7P’s of the marketing mix towards the 7E’s, that will help you better explain your product’s benefits . Instead of shouting out features that nobody cares about, you will understand how to explain what your product is and does in a language that speaks directly to your customer’s needs.


📚 Theory masterclass (30%)

📚 Group practice during class (60%)

📚 Individual exercises during class (10%)

📚 Individual homework at home

📚 One-on-one homework review


📝 From 7P’s to 7E’s

📝 Market trends

📝 Market positioning

📝 Product features

📝 Transform features into benefits

📝 Transform benefits into value

With your brand and market positioning set we will focus more on the customer’s needs. Starting with our Persona ( Ideal Customer Avatar) you will learn how to use the Value Proposition Canvas to discover the right features that respond directly to your customer’s JTBD ( Jobs to be done).  Once we learn who your customer is and what features bring value to him/her we will focus on understanding them better by building a Day in the Life Journey Map and a User Map that will help you connect with them at the right time, with the right message and in the right place.


📚 Theory masterclass (30%)

📚 Group practice during class (60%)

📚 Individual exercises during class (10%)

📚 Individual homework at home

📚 One-on-one homework review


📝 Persona

📝 Value Proposition Map

📝 Day In The Life Journey

📝 User Journey

📝 Building USP’s

Now that we have all the elements in place it’s time to plan our actions. We will start by setting up the business goal followed by the marketing goals derived from it. Setting the right KPI’s will help you monitor how close you are towards achieving your goals and decide if you need to take action to correct course. Once these are set, you will learn how to decide which actions you should take and how to prioritize them based on impact and expectations as well as your business’s resources.

The result will be a complete Go-To-Market Plan ready to be implemented. 


📚 Theory masterclass (30%)

📚 Group practice during class (60%)

📚 Individual exercises during class (10%)

📚 Individual homework at home

📚 One-on-one homework review


📝 Business Goals

📝 Growth Marketing Goals

📝 Growth Marketing KPIs

📝 Growth Marketing Tactics

📝 Prioritization Flow

📝 Growth Marketing Budgeting

What You’ll Get After The Course


Each session will be recorded and provided to you at the end of each week so you can rewatch it anytime and as many times as you need.

Session Slide

You will receive all the slides used during each session, that will contain all the theory explained as well as some useful links and tips

Working Board Templates

During each session we will be working on MURAL online white boards and you will get both blank and the after session boards.

Consulting Session

During a 2 hour session , you will have the chance to ask specific questions on your business and get help and guidance in applying the knowledge gained during the Masterclass sessions.

Digital Certificate Of Attendance

You will receive a digital certificate of attendance that will prove you’ve successfully completed the Masterclass and learned the skills needed to build a strategy for your product from start to finish.

Access To A Closed Community

Once you complete the Masterclass, you will receive access to a closed community where you can connect with other people that share the same mindset as you. More tools, templates and advice will be shared regularly.

Meet Your Instructors

Adina Timar


With over 5 years experience in product marketing for the IT industry, Adina is specialized in helping businesses shape their ideas into customer centric products and services that bring value to people. She believes in the power of sharing knowledge and learning from each other and is an active promoter of great customer experience and quality of work. In developing successful strategies she combines and applies knowledge from marketing best practices with agile principles and growth hacking techniques.  

Tudor, the CEO and facilitator at Innovating Society.

Tudor Mihai


Having a keen interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, Tudor keeps an eye open for spotting new opportunities in improving existing businesses and ignite the start of new ventures. He has opened his first business in 2016 during his studies in the Netherlands. Then, he became a Design Thinking and Lean Startup facilitator, organizing workshops for corporate and start-up organizations. Tudor has been active on the start-up scene, being involved as a mentor in incubator programs and hackathons – now here to help you grow your business.

An Applied Format That You’ll Love

Condensed Theory

Each session we will go through the theory part of individual elements of the marketing strategy, followed by hands-on live practice.

Learning by doing

Working on a real business case, we will be implementing the theory to develop the go to market strategy, using collaborative online templates in real time. 

Live mentorship

You will be collaborating with other participants and guided by the mentor through every exercise during each session.

Constructive Feedback For Your Business

Once you finish the workshop you will get 2 hours of free consultation for your business case ( scheduled in the week following the workshop).

What Others Are Saying

Andrei Baraian

Co-Founder Knot Capital
''From the content breakdown to the workshop at the end, everything was very professional. I really enjoyed how Adina lead the sessions, making them very interactive and managing to answer each of our questions. Having a 1-to-1 followup session after the workshop was extraordinarily useful as I had time to ask questions about how to best apply what we learned on my business case. It's that extra mile you go to make your students get the most out of your workshop, that very few hosts make."

Valentin Duricu

Founder Spark Development
During the “Start-up Growth Strategy Applied Masterclass” I’ve learnt a lot of interesting things about growth strategy process and how to include some of these concepts in my daily job. Having an interactive and hands-on presentation, along with a constant feedback from Adina, helped me assimilate information quickly. Also, the materials that I can use afterwards and the fact that at any point you can consult with the trainers in an 1-on-1 feedback session is a big bonus of this workshop.

Money Back Guaranteed

Not satisfied with your purchase?


Whatever reasons you might have, you can ask for a full refund of the payment until 14-days after the course has ended. No questions asked. Just email us and we’ll send all your money back on your (business) credit card.

Learners Also Purchased


You will receive a guide with instructions of how to use the tools, ready to fill-in template and a sample business case to exercise by yourself.

When you’re done, you can join a 1-hour live session with the mentor to receive feedback and ask questions.


–  Ready-To-Fill Templates

–  Step-by-Step Guide

–  Learning At Your Own Pace

–  1-On-1 Feedback  (1-hour)


1-hour Live Introduction Session

1-hour Individual Feedback Session




You will participate in a series of online masterclasses combined with applied workshops.

You will be guided by the mentor at every step, working on a given business case, followed by a 2-hour, 1-on-1 mentoring session for your own business case.


–  All the tools and templates

–  Attend Online Sessions

–  Get Session Recordings

–  1-On-1 Feedback  (2-hours)


4 Sessions, 12 hours

2 Weeks




During 2 full days you will participate in an intensive workshop with a group of 10 people, held in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).

The four sessions are divided across two days where we will be combining theory and practice to build a go-to-market strategy from zero.


– In Person Attendance Of The Workshop

– All The Tools And Templates

– Group Work And Individual Work

– 1-on-1 Feedback (2-hours)


2 Sessions, 16 hours

2 days (available after COVID-19)



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